A downloadable game for Windows

Hello and welcome to Fight in Space,

a 3d Space Shooter game which is still under development.

What it's all about.

Enemy ships have entered your sector,
your task is to defend your territory and destroy your opponents.

This is where your team helps you, but they do not make it by themselves and need your energetic Support.

There are two different spaceships available for combat.

A fast, agile hunter, armed with a powerful laser gun and the ability to fire missiles.
Can put on mother ship.

A larger companion ship, not so fast and manoeuvrable, better armored and
with high-power laser cannon,
the ability to fire missiles and two Strong guns. When the escort ship has been fired, it is lost and no longer usable.
Can not put on mother ship.

By collecting the scrap remnants, the fired enemy,
you can be yours
quickly repair the ship and use missiles from your opponents.

For each hit you hit, you get points.
With these points, you can get new ammunition.

To do this you have to put on your mother ship, then you can exchange the points.

Currently, there are only two types of ammunition, missiles are not available at the moment.

Do not forget to protect your mother ship, it will be destroyed, the mission is lost!

Now do not hesitate, start your space ship, fight with your team and defeat
the intruders!

Use the I button for info during play.

If you like the game, or do not like it, write something in the comment.

System Requirements:

Win 7 64

AMD FX 3,8 Ghz

8,00 GB Ram

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

If you have a slow PC,
Try it, maybe the game is slower.

Which does not work:

The game can not be restarted (esc = restart game)

Possibly change the screen resolution (F1)

Now have fun playing



fight_in_space_2.zip 112 MB

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